I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC.and have been

playing guitar since about 1964.


In 1966, I discovered the blues when a friend of mine played his new album “John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton”.


I played in a whole bunch of bands in high school in the 1960’s and then started playing the bar band scene in about 1970-1971 and played

with "a few" bands over the next few years.


I gave up playing for a living in the mid/late 70’s and went on to get married and raise 3 kids. Kept playing at home, but didn’t get really get back out to playing jams and the occasional gig until about 3 years ago.


Playing with Lonesome Sinners is breath of fresh air, I’m having more fun playing with these folks than you can imagine.

I look forward to every gig and every new tune!




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