The first six years of my singing career were spent behind the scenes,

singing radio and TV jingles in Ontario & BC (Leon's Furniture, Dueck on Marine,
and countless others.)

A songwriter since early school days, I was happy and humbled when my song 'Love Me or Leave Me' won first place in a BC CMA songrwriting competition.  Another one of my tunes, 'No Winner Takes All', found its way into Malcolm McDowell's film, 'The Barber'. Two more movie song-placement opportunities came long shortly after.  ('Rapid Fire' and 'Little Boy Blues').


Between 1993 and 2010, I linked with fellow songwriter, Steve Elliott,
writing and performing all original 'Rockin' Country Blues'.
We toured Canada, playing everything from coffee houses
to opening for country music star, Terri Clark.
We recorded 2 CDs ('Straight Up' 2000, and 'What Do You Want?' 2009).


When our Rockin' Country Blues act broke up in 2010, I stopped singing for a while.

That is, until I met some musicians while jamming on vacation in Hawaii.

I was invited back to Maui, where I spent 6 months in 2011/12 rehearsing and jamming with the original rock band,The Electric Surfers. Great people!  I had the time of my life!


You might think this is 'How Lucie Got Her Groove Back', but actually, it was upon bumping into long-time acquaintance Steve Hinton that did it.  As we caught up, it came to light that we shared a vision of what a band could look like if we were to, I don't know...put one together.  ;)


So, that is what we did. We started with vocal rehearsals, and a few weeks later, we had a band.  And what a fine band!  We were a few weeks into our practices when it came out that our bass player, Bruce, also sang.  Now the vocals were getting really fun!  It's such pleasure to shape our sound with this particular vocal blend!


It sure is great to be performing with Lonesome Sinners; now my dear friends,

singing lead, lending harmonies, writing tunes,

and picking' a little banjo and ukulele.


I've found my tribe <3



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