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Concert Series

July 11/16

Lonesome Sinners AS SEEN ON TV!

Big thanks to Jim from 'Around Town with Shaw TV' for filming a segment for Maple RIdge Historical Society's Music on the Wharf Concert.  This was done during our sound check.



Photo of our lovely audience, taken during a set break. Thank you, Alison, for the photo!

Wee Warning:  Turn down your speakers before clicking this video on.  What with a train, banjo, drums,. . . well you get the picture.  This video captures the wholesome madness that was our Music on the Wharf gig!  Thanks Allison(s)!  Everyone had a ton of fun!


BIG THANKS to ANDY COTTON for taking these fine shots at the Rusty Gull Pub show on Friday May 13th, 2016.  It was so nice to see you and Elsie at our show!  We really appreciate the beautiful photos!

left: Steve Hinton

lower left: Steve & Lucie

Below:  Lonesome Sinners with Sandybone on drums


May 13&14/16


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