Garden  Bay Pub


Thank you for partying with Sinners

for a whole weekend on the
Sunshine Coast!


That was just wonderful!!  Thank you George, for having us, and the welcoming community of lively locals who made us feel the love!!


We look forward to next time...


What a perfect day to be playing music in the park!  We enjoyed every bit of our concert at Haywood Bandstand (Sun Aug 20/17) and thank the West End Community Centre for inviting us to play.  Thank you to all who came out, and for taking photos and videos!  We hope you had as much fun as we did!


Thanks to all who sent us performance shots and videos!  Here is a youtube video that was taken by Brenda Marie Batty (pictured below.)  Used with permission.



A note to the kind folks who submitted photos to our Lonesome Sinners Facebook page from this show:  Making your video public will allow me to share them here.  Many thanks for sending them in!



Lonesome Sinners captured by Photographer Shona Ellis, at the Dover Arms Pub, Feb 18/17



Well this WAS a time!!  What a truly wonderful party atmosphere at the Princeton for the Charles Martin Libra Bash this year!  It was a night to remember:  lots of friends, music, love, hugs, dancing, laughing... Sinners could have kept going and going, such was the love in the air for our Libra Brethren!  :D Thank you Sandybone!




Our New Year's Day show at Dover Arms Pub was so much fun!  SO much, in fact, that we were remiss in capturing any photos!  Big thanks to our friends for coming out on a chilly New Year's Day!  Thanks so much to George, Daphne, & Tristan,

and all the staff at Dover Arms.


This was full-blown fun!  Thank you all for coming out!  We had lots of family and friends join us and take over the place.  What a magical evening for us Sinners.  Thank you so much to
Ted Hume and his fabulous staff!



Great big Sinners' Welcome
to the 
58 new Mailing List sign-ups in August!
(Porters, Haywood Bandstand, Revel Room)
We are blown away that you all want to come
party on down the road with Lonesome Sinners.
Thank you for your support.

photo:  Nikki

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Sunday, Aug 28/16 - This is us performing 'It's a Good Day' (Peggy Lee) at Haywood Bandstand in Alexandra Park in English Bay (Vancouver).  We owe our guitarist, Doug Carr, an apology aka a beer because he is not seen even once in the video.  These are the terms he agreed to.  Just kidding.  Sorry, Doug!!



Thanks Nikki, for the Gazebo-CAM of Lonesome Sinners' Haywood B  andstand on Aug.14/16.

It really was a perfect day to play music in the park . . . sunny, a breeze off the water . . . bicycles and dogs everywhere . . . wonderful.    We met some really nice folks doing these shows!




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