I sing, play the harmonica, and have been known to the

Vancouver Blues and Roots scene for some years.


The Hinton Hart Band, a partnership with old friend and

guitar player Andrew Hart,was my musical home for years.

CD’s - Deal the Cards 2003, Lets get Together 2009.


I now live in Roberts Creek and most recently have been

working with great Sunshine Coast musicians:

Peter Vandeursen - vocals and keyboards, Al Alford - guitar,

Tim Rennard - drums and Sully Antonyk - bass.


Teaming up with Lucie Walker this past year has been an

exciting exploration of a variety of roots music.

Leaving behind our respective blues and country repertoires

we have both stretched out, searching for common ground, putting

our own take on different bluegrass, country / swing, and R&B titles.


Lucie has opened my ears to the world of harmony singing

which has been a welcome challenge and is at the heart of our sound.

We are now writing our own material and are really enjoying

the collaboration of all the talented members of this band.

We are a work in progress. No idea where we will end up…

but we are hoping you will come along for the ride.


We are Lonesome Sinners.


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