Performing Peggy Lee's "It's a Good Day" at Haywood Bandstand, English Bay, August 2016

Performing Valentino's 'It's All Over Now' at Haywood Bandstand, English Bay, August 2016

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Big thanks to Jim from 'Around Town with Shaw TV' for filming a segment for Maple RIdge Historical Society's Music on the Wharf Concert.  This was done during our sound check.



Well pardon our backsides!  This footage was taken via 'Drummer Cam' (thanks Hollywood Jimmie)  We'd like to take your attention to the audience waving to the train at the top, and then. . . the little girls dancing.  This was 'Maple Ridge Historical Society's 'Music on the Wharf' concert series.  Lonesome Sinners had a great time at their July 11, 2016 concert.  Thanks to all for such a great time!  Here we are covering Trisha Yearwood's 'That's What I Like About You'

'Love Me or Leave Me' - Lonesome Sinners original.  Live at the Rusty Gull, 03/22/16

Thank you for the video, Nikki!  And thank you, Beautiful Dancers!


'Baby, You've Got What it Takes' - Brooks Benton and Dinah Washington

Thank you, Bill Railian aka 'Just a Guy with a Camera'

Thank you, Bill Railian aka 'Just a Guy with a Camera' for taking these videos of our first performance at Kingfishers, Oct 24, 2015.  'Give it Up or Let Me Go' (Bonnie Raitt)


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